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Redskins vs. Packers Game 2 – Keys to the Game

rogers-orakpo The Redskins defense started poorly last game and they can ill afford to start the same way this game. Thankfully, Brandon Meriweather will be in the secondary today. Here’s what happened the last time he played.

The one thing the Redskins MUST do on defense is chnge up the D a little more than they did against the Eagles. If they play as much zone as they did last week, Aaron Rodgers will kill us.

Here’s what I am looking for today.

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NFL Week 1 Power Rankings – This Fan’s View

I HATE preseason power rankings because you never know what happens until the whistle blows and it’s the start of the regular season. For example, the Redskins looked awesome in the preseason but, they let the fans down in game one.

Here are my thoughts on who the best teams in the NFL are…

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Eagles vs. Redskins Game 1 – 2nd Half Thoughts

Redskins vs Eagles 2nd halfAt the half, where is the Redskins marching band? The Redskins rolled out the half-time show with Rick ‘Doc’ Walker giving his thoughts on the first half. The problem with this is the audio system is really bad at FedEx and it was hard to hear him. Half time at the game could be a lot better. The Redskins football team couldn’t do any worse than they did in the first half against the Eagles.

Here are my thoughts on 2nd half…

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