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Redskins vs. Detroit Lions Game 3 – 2nd Half Musings

FedEx Field Redskins vs Lions

The Redskins are looking better on both sides of the ball. They missed a lot of tackles on defense though in the first half and seemed to throw the ball a lot more than I thought they would against the Detroit Lions defense. RGIII is running more than he did first two games. Nice to see the Redskins rolling him out allowing him to extend plays. Redskins have converted some 3rd down conversions in the first half which is good to see.

One thing to note. Where is the Redskins marching band at halftime? Instead we’re stuck with Lou Holder & Rick ‘Doc’ Walker reviewing the first half and keys for second. The Redskins organization need to do better at halftime.

Let’s hope the second half is better than the first:

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Santana Moss Third String? No Way

Considering that Santana Moss scored 8 touchdowns in 2012 out of the slot, the Redskins just have to be trying to fool people here. The Washington Post says Moss will be a top option in the slot in 2013. Remember this TD catch against the Giants over the shoulder?


The job for 2013 of Redskins receiver Santana Moss seemed to be secured when he converted $2 million in base salary to incentives in March.

He may have a hard time earning back the money if, as reflected by the team’s current online depth chart, Moss is relegated to third string.  It ultimately could be hard to earn any of his reduced salary, if Moss gets cut.

Right now, Moss sits behind starters Pierre Garςon and Joshua Morgan and second-stringers Aldrick Robinson andLeonard Hankerson.  Joining Moss on the third string is Donte’ Stallworth.  Among the six-man cluster of “other” receivers are Devery Henderson and Dezmon Briscoe.