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Is The Season Over For The Washington Redskins? (Video)

Like these two or not, this was a good debate on ESPN’s First Take.


Has Pierre Garcon Given Up on RGIII This Season?

Washington Redskins WR Pierre Garcon has come out and said that he believes RGIII isn’t 100% healthy. But, is that belief spilling over onto the football field? UKRedskin at Hogs Haven has an interesting breakdown of the Lions interception of Redskins QB Robert Griffin III. I initially thought it was Griffin’s fault from the stands myself but, who’s fault was it on the play really? Click the link above to find out. Excellent analysis. Well done.

Ryan Kerrigan Wants You to Buy His Jersey (Video)

Via WTOP, this is HILARIOUS. Not quite as good as his earlier man on the street during training camp though. RGIII has the best selling NFL jersey in league history. Watch how Ryan Kerrigan pranks some unsuspecting Modell’s shoppers and tries to get them to buy his jersey instead of RGIII’s.


Redskins vs. Packers Game 2 – 1st Half Thoughts


The Washington Redskins got good pressure on Packers QB Aaron Rodgers early but, the Packers adjusted, the Redskins did not, and the Redskins paid for it in the first half.

The Redskins also had poor execution on offense. They would have 1-2 good plays in a row followed by bad plays. Some of it is execution, some of it play calling.

Here are my thoughts on the first half of game 2…

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Redskins vs. Packers Game 2 – Keys to the Game

rogers-orakpo The Redskins defense started poorly last game and they can ill afford to start the same way this game. Thankfully, Brandon Meriweather will be in the secondary today. Here’s what happened the last time he played.

The one thing the Redskins MUST do on defense is chnge up the D a little more than they did against the Eagles. If they play as much zone as they did last week, Aaron Rodgers will kill us.

Here’s what I am looking for today.

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Redskins – Eagles Game 1 – 1st Half Thoughts

FedEx field game clock pre-gameDidn’t the redskins advertise that kickoff was moved up to 6:55? Check out the game clock at 6:55 showing there was 15 minutes plus until the original kickoff time of 7:10p.m.

As a fan, my greatest fear was realized for this first game of the 2013 season after holding out Robert Griffin III for the entire preseason. That was that practice speed is no match for game speed. I said time and again during the preseason that Robert needed to get in for some snaps to get used to the game speed.

That said, here are my first half thoughts…

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Robert Griffin III Addresses Media in Philly and D.C. (Video)

Redskins QB Robert Griffin III talks to the D.C. media following practice on Wednesday, September 4, 2013.

In this video, he answers question from the sports media from Philadelphia, PA via conference call.