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Is The Season Over For The Washington Redskins? (Video)

Like these two or not, this was a good debate on ESPN’s First Take.


Has Pierre Garcon Given Up on RGIII This Season?

Washington Redskins WR Pierre Garcon has come out and said that he believes RGIII isn’t 100% healthy. But, is that belief spilling over onto the football field? UKRedskin at Hogs Haven has an interesting breakdown of the Lions interception of Redskins QB Robert Griffin III. I initially thought it was Griffin’s fault from the stands myself but, who’s fault was it on the play really? Click the link above to find out. Excellent analysis. Well done.

Ryan Kerrigan Wants You to Buy His Jersey (Video)

Via WTOP, this is HILARIOUS. Not quite as good as his earlier man on the street during training camp though. RGIII has the best selling NFL jersey in league history. Watch how Ryan Kerrigan pranks some unsuspecting Modell’s shoppers and tries to get them to buy his jersey instead of RGIII’s.


ESPN’s First Take Discusses The Redskins RGIII/Shanahan/Dr. Andrews Triumvirate (Video)

Good discussion here from Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith. I have to agree with Skip and Stephen A. that Washington Redskins Head Coach Mike Shanahan is doing with RGIII exactly what they talked about – and that is a clear case of C.Y.A. when it comes to Robert’s knee.


RGIII Has One Million Twitter Followers

Who knew there were that many Redskins fans? HTTR! Only 17 Million more to go to pass Kim Kardashian.

Redskins QB Robert Griffin III – Sunday Conversation (Video)

Via ESPN, Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III (RGIII) sits down with ESPN’s Hannah Storm to discuss recovering from his injury and his communication with Head Coach Mike Shanahan.

RGIII – ‘Will to Win’ (Video)

Via ESPN, Robert Griffin III goes to his childhood home in a preview of his new documentary “Will To Win” on Aug. 27 on ESPN.