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Who’s A Worse 0-3 Team Than The Redskins? (Video)

ESPN’s Merril Hoge thinks the New York Giants are the most surprising 0-3 team in the NFL. Why? Because while the Redskins and Steelers are showing improvement, the Giants seem to be regressing.


How Was This RGIII 4th Down Play NOT The Top Play of 2012?

The NFL released its list of the top plays of 2012 and the RGIII TD run against the Vikings which sealed the win came in at number 5. I got to thinking about the 4th and 10 play RGIII made against the Giants. To me, this should have been in the top 5 if not the top play of 2012. How many people can escape the long arms of Jason Pierre-Paul?

What do you think?? Was this a top 5 play?