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Has Pierre Garcon Given Up on RGIII This Season?

Washington Redskins WR Pierre Garcon has come out and said that he believes RGIII isn’t 100% healthy. But, is that belief spilling over onto the football field? UKRedskin at Hogs Haven has an interesting breakdown of the Lions interception of Redskins QB Robert Griffin III. I initially thought it was Griffin’s fault from the stands myself but, who’s fault was it on the play really? Click the link above to find out. Excellent analysis. Well done.


Redskins vs. Detroit Lions Game 3 – 2nd Half Musings

FedEx Field Redskins vs Lions

The Redskins are looking better on both sides of the ball. They missed a lot of tackles on defense though in the first half and seemed to throw the ball a lot more than I thought they would against the Detroit Lions defense. RGIII is running more than he did first two games. Nice to see the Redskins rolling him out allowing him to extend plays. Redskins have converted some 3rd down conversions in the first half which is good to see.

One thing to note. Where is the Redskins marching band at halftime? Instead we’re stuck with Lou Holder & Rick ‘Doc’ Walker reviewing the first half and keys for second. The Redskins organization need to do better at halftime.

Let’s hope the second half is better than the first:

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Redskins vs. Detroit Lions Game 3 – 1st Half Thoughts

FedEx Field pre-game versus the Detroit Lions

Good news for the Redskins is that Detroit Lions RB Reggie Bush is out for the game. Still, they have to stop the run. I am also looking for a little bit of change up on defense. If they play zone for a good portion of the game, Lions QB Matthew Stafford will make the Redskins pay.

On offense, the Redskins have to stop shooting themselves in the foot. As mentioned in the previous posts on this blog, they have 1-2 good plays on a drive followed by mistakes and/or poor execution. I’d like to see more Alfred Morris against the Lions and I’m also looking to see how RGIII performs here in game 3.

That said, here are my 1st half thoughts…

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Lions Release Former Redskins WR Devin Thomas

August 5 has been a strange day for WR Devin Thomas, the former second round pick of the Washington Redskins.

PFT explains

Last August 5th, wide receiver Devin Thomas announced that he’d be leaving Bears camp and retiring from football.

His retirement was short-lived as Thomas signed with the Lions in January, but August 5th has again turned out to be a day for Thomas to say goodbye. The Lions announced that they have released the 34th overall pick of the 2008 draft one day after he was activated from the physically unable to perform list.