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Redskins vs. Detroit Lions Game 3 – 1st Half Thoughts

FedEx Field pre-game versus the Detroit Lions

Good news for the Redskins is that Detroit Lions RB Reggie Bush is out for the game. Still, they have to stop the run. I am also looking for a little bit of change up on defense. If they play zone for a good portion of the game, Lions QB Matthew Stafford will make the Redskins pay.

On offense, the Redskins have to stop shooting themselves in the foot. As mentioned in the previous posts on this blog, they have 1-2 good plays on a drive followed by mistakes and/or poor execution. I’d like to see more Alfred Morris against the Lions and I’m also looking to see how RGIII performs here in game 3.

That said, here are my 1st half thoughts…

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Redskins – Eagles Game 1 – 1st Half Thoughts

FedEx field game clock pre-gameDidn’t the redskins advertise that kickoff was moved up to 6:55? Check out the game clock at 6:55 showing there was 15 minutes plus until the original kickoff time of 7:10p.m.

As a fan, my greatest fear was realized for this first game of the 2013 season after holding out Robert Griffin III for the entire preseason. That was that practice speed is no match for game speed. I said time and again during the preseason that Robert needed to get in for some snaps to get used to the game speed.

That said, here are my first half thoughts…

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Alfred Morris Demonstrates the Read Option (Video)

Via HTTR4Life, good insight here into what goes through the mind of Washington Redskins RB Alfred Morris when the team runs the read option.

Washington Redskins #ThrowbackThursday – Larry Brown (Video)

Besides Chris Hanburger and Ken Houston, Larry Brown was another of my favorite Redskins players growing up. Larry Brown ran a lot like current Redskins RB Alfred Morris does between the numbers. Like Morris, he was hard to tackle and tough and elusive between the numbers.

One thing Brown could do really well that Morris hasn’t been given much of a chance to do yet is catch passes out of the backfield.

Enjoy the video above and HTTR!

The ‘No Fun League’ Cancels Alfred Morris’ Home Run Swing (Video)

The NFL has put the kibosh on excessive TD celebrations like Alfred Morris’ home run swing (see above) which is (now was) a salute to the kids in Little League.


WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — Beware the military salute!

The National Football League will reportedly be cracking down on excessive celebrations and taunting this upcoming season.

Pro Football Talk reports that that referees working training camps have been warning players about celebrating too much.

The taunting rule is nothing new in the NFL, but what some critics have dubbed the “No Fun League,” officials will now go a step further to enforce the rule.

The NFL rulebook states that a team will be penalized a loss of 15 yards if a player commits these acts: “sack dances; home run swing; incredible hulk; spiking the ball; spinning the ball; throwing or shoving the ball; pointing; pointing the ball; verbal taunting; military salute; standing over an opponent (prolonged and with provocation); or dancing.”

I can see banning things like the sack dance, throwing or shoving the ball, pointing, and standing over an opponent but, the home run swing and military salute?

C’mon National Football League.