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NFL Power Rankings After Week 3 – This Fan’s View

This is shaping up to be quite a surprising season so far three games in. Numbers in parentheses are last week’s rankings.

Here are my thoughts on who the best teams in the NFL are…

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NFL Week 1 Power Rankings – This Fan’s View

I HATE preseason power rankings because you never know what happens until the whistle blows and it’s the start of the regular season. For example, the Redskins looked awesome in the preseason but, they let the fans down in game one.

Here are my thoughts on who the best teams in the NFL are…

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Redskins at #11 in Pro Football Talk’s Preseason Power Rankings

This just about matches up with’s preseason ranking which had the Redskins at #10. The similar theme between the two power rankings has the Redskins as the highest-seeded NFC East team.



If quarterback Robert Griffin III continues to recover from his January knee injury, and if he returns to the field at full strength, then Washington fans can move from crossing fingers and knocking on wood to grinning and dreaming.

The Redskins’ best form a season ago was the stuff championship hopes can be pinned upon. This isn’t a perfect team entering 2013 —  so much rides on Griffin’s recovery — but the ceiling for the Redskins is so much higher than it was.

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Redskins Ranked #10 in Pre-Season Power Ranking

Not sure I trust a poll that has the Seattle Seahawks as the best team in football. IMHO, I would think it would be one of three teams: 49ers, Broncos or the Ravens, last year’s Super Bowl winner. Still, I do agree that the Redskins are better than any of their division rivals, the Giants (17), Cowboys (16), and Eagles (23).

You can read Elliot Harrison’s take on the power rankings at this link.