NFL Power Rankings After Week 3 – This Fan’s View

This is shaping up to be quite a surprising season so far three games in. Numbers in parentheses are last week’s rankings.

Here are my thoughts on who the best teams in the NFL are…

  1. Seattle Seahawks – (1) This would have changed ONLY if they had lost to Jacksonville.
  2. Denver Broncos – (2) Is Peyton Manning going to break Tom Brady’s record for most TD’s?
  3. New Orleans Saints – (5) Considering how inept the Saints were last year with essentially the same personnel without Sean Payton, can one football Coach make this much of a difference?
  4. Chicago Bears – (8) IMHO, Marc Trestman has the early lead for Coach of the Year. These guys are playing way above their level.
  5. New England Patriots – (11) Considering the Texans not only lost but, lost HUGE, show me how the Patriots are not better than them.
  6. Houston Texans – (3) Losing big on the road will bring you down a couple of notches.
  7. Baltimore Ravens – (10) After barely getting by the Browns, they looked better against the Texans at home.
  8. San Francisco 49ers – (2) I’m starting to rethink my thoughts on Colin Kaepernick in week 1. Do the 49ers miss Alex Smith yet?
  9. Miami Dolphins – (15) I had them losing to the Falcons at home. This is a football team to watch.
  10. Cincinnati Bengals – (11) After giving up 30 straight points, nice comeback against a tough team like the Packers.
  11. Indianapolis Colts – (16) They put quite a licking on a good team in their own house.
  12. Dallas Cowboys – (12) The Cowboys may be a better team than I thought. If only the Redskins could run the ball like this.
  13. Kansas City Chiefs – (14) Andy Reid is looking more and more like a genius for 1) taking the job and 2) signing Alex Smith. Now, if they can only get Jamaal Charles going.
  14. Tennessee Titans – (13) This team is better than they look. Is it coaching?
  15. Atlanta Falcons – (6) Going 1-2 will knock you out of the top ten.
  16. Green Bay Packers – (8) The offense disappeared in the fourth quarter at Cincinnati – did they think they were playing the Redskins again?
  17. Detroit Lions – (23) The D is giving up too many points. I saw their offense in person and it is pretty good. Can it sustain the D?
  18. Philadelphia Eagles – (18) Will their defense hold up to the tempo of the offense is the question. They looked tired against the Chiefs. I have to admit, I like their offense.
  19. St. Louis Rams – (17) This team needs a bit more consistency.
  20. Buffalo Bills – (19) Thought they would have beaten the Jets.
  21. San Diego Chargers – (22) The fought tough on the road against a better than they look Titans squad.
  22. Carolina Panthers – (28) After losing a couple of games they should have won, they really took out their frustrations on the Giants. Will it continue this week?
  23. New York Jets – (26) The Jets have a LOT of character. They beat a better than they look team in the Bills.
  24. Arizona Cardinals – (20) If Bruce Arians and co. can solve the defensive problems, these guys will be tough. They didn’t show much on offense this week either.
  25. New York Giants – (21) The Panthers have a good D and an okay offense. They just couldn’t get it done. Have the G-men had enough of Tom Coughlin screamin’ at them?
  26. Pittsburgh Steelers – (24) I never thought I would EVER rate a Steelers team this low. Thankfully, there are 16 games in the season. Can they turn it around?
  27. Oakland Raiders – (27) They ran into the buzz saw know as the Broncos. With Pryor hurt, will Mike Flynn show some flashes?
  28. Washington Redskins – (29) The team needs to get the running game going to take the pressure off of RGIII. It also needs to stop shooting itself in the foot.
  29. Minnesota Vikings – (25) Christian Ponder is reminding me more and more of Rex Grossman. You either get the really good version or the really bad one. AP can’t do it on his own. This week they lost to the Browns?
  30. Cleveland Browns – (31) This is definitely a rebuilding team. Will more players be moved?
  31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – (30) At this point in the season, I did not see this team at 0-3. Disappointing.
  32. Jacksonville Jaguars – (32) I said it last week, I’ll say it again, The Jaguars are young and Tim Tebow would be an excellent fit. Chiefly because the kid is a fighter and can help show these young guys how to win. After all, it can’t get any worse now can it??

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