Redskins vs. Detroit Lions Game 3 – 2nd Half Musings

FedEx Field Redskins vs Lions

The Redskins are looking better on both sides of the ball. They missed a lot of tackles on defense though in the first half and seemed to throw the ball a lot more than I thought they would against the Detroit Lions defense. RGIII is running more than he did first two games. Nice to see the Redskins rolling him out allowing him to extend plays. Redskins have converted some 3rd down conversions in the first half which is good to see.

One thing to note. Where is the Redskins marching band at halftime? Instead we’re stuck with Lou Holder & Rick ‘Doc’ Walker reviewing the first half and keys for second. The Redskins organization need to do better at halftime.

Let’s hope the second half is better than the first:

  • Josh Morgan back returning kickoff in second half. Makes blunder and returns ball only to the 12. What happened to Chris Thompson?
  • RGIII slides after short gain
  • RGIII with nice throw to Garcon on out pattern. He planted and threw the ball with a lot of zip on that one.
  • RGIII throws behind Redskins WR Hankerson which was tipped and nearly picked off
  • Drive leads to a John Potter FG


  • ¬†Redskins defense holds again on next drive
  • RGIII throws behind Santana Moss on 1st down.
  • RGIII good throw to Hankerson on roll out
  • Griffin is sacked. Offensive line needs to protect better. Detroit Lions getting a lot of pressure on the QB.
  • Punt
  • Lions make some 1st downs on next drive but end up punting. Defense can’t do it alone!!
  • Redskins sputter on next drive. Rocca with a damn fine punt.
  • Redskins CB Amerson with a nice play on a slant route to Lions WR Burleson to break up the play. Really like this kid.
  • Lions punt.
  • Redskins driving on next series.
  • RGIII fumbles after diving forward – it’s a fumble!! This kid has GOT to learn to slide. Paging Bryce Harper!! Ed Hochuli with an excellent explanation of the call. Crowd still disagrees.
  • Lions drive down field on next possession. Amerson breaks up a long pass to prevent TD.
  • Lions get long FG by former Redskin PK David Akers

20-17 Lions

  • On next drive, RGIII hits Redskins WR Aldrick Robinson with a REALLY long throw for a TD. Or was it? play was reviewed and Ed Hochuli determined the ball was moving when Robinson hit the ground. IMHO, it looked like Robinson still had an arm under the ball. Tough call there.
  • Redskins fumble next play – recover the ball.
  • Rocca punts again. D can’t do it alone boys!
  • Amerson gets beat on a pretty throw and catch from Stafford to Lions WR Chris Durham. Amerson had pretty decent coverage on the play though. Pass had to be on the money there.
  • Redskins D forces 4th and short in our end. Stafford makes a first down. Lions score when Calvin Johnson catches ball with 4 Redskins defenders around him.

27-17 Lions

  • It’s the RGIII show as he moves the team downfield.
  • Drive ends with short Potter FG

27-20 Lions

  • Redskins D holds Lions after onsides kick.
  • RGIII with hail mary that gets batted away. Ball game.

27-20 Lions final

My #1 Takeaway:: The offense NEEDS more of a ground game. Alfred Morris touched the ball for only 15 times. More Morris/Helu is definitely needed for this offense to thrive.


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