Redskins vs. Detroit Lions Game 3 – 1st Half Thoughts

FedEx Field pre-game versus the Detroit Lions

Good news for the Redskins is that Detroit Lions RB Reggie Bush is out for the game. Still, they have to stop the run. I am also looking for a little bit of change up on defense. If they play zone for a good portion of the game, Lions QB Matthew Stafford will make the Redskins pay.

On offense, the Redskins have to stop shooting themselves in the foot. As mentioned in the previous posts on this blog, they have 1-2 good plays on a drive followed by mistakes and/or poor execution. I’d like to see more Alfred Morris against the Lions and I’m also looking to see how RGIII performs here in game 3.

That said, here are my 1st half thoughts…

  • Redskins wearing gold pants today
  • Forbath is out, John Potter in again. For the Lions, where is PK Jason Hanson?? Oh that’s right, he retired.
  • Redskins TE Fred Davis is out for the game. How will that affect the offense?
  • Redskns kickoff first – our defense to be tested first.
  • Potter kicks off high and deep. Better than last week.
  • Redskins LB Fletcher gets sack on Lions first play.
  • Baccari Rambo not starting for the Redskins at safety? 3 corners in defensive backfield for the Redskins.
  • Redskins play zone on 3rd down and really long – Lions convert
  • Lions go hurry up 1st drive
  • Punt
  • Good end around by Redskins WR Pierre Garcon for 1st down
  • Bubble screen on 2nd and 1~ why??
  • Nice roll right by RGIII – catch by 85
  • RGIII rolls right on read option
  • 2nd and short. They shoud run the ball in these situations.
  • Drive stalls after poor execution.
  • Redskins P Sav Rocca good deep punt – Lions fair catch at 9
  • Lions QB Stafford makes bad throw to Calvin Johnson on a slant – intercepted by D’Angelo Hall who returns it for a score.

7-0 Redskins

  • Josh Wilson good stop on run play on Lions first down
  • Lions beat Redskins blitz up the middle on 3rd down for long play.
  • Fletcher strong play on run – good tackle
  • Refs w bad call defensive hold. Don’t see how a defensive lineman can hold an offensive lineman.
  • Redskins CB Amerson makes nice open field tackle.
  • Meriweather leads with head on tackle – makes fellow team player woozy, Orakpo??
  • Detroit scores – There’s a lot of blue (Lions fans) in lower bowl of stadium.


  • Redskins kick return unit doesn’t block well
  • Redskins run bubble screen on 3rd and 9? DOn’t see wisdom in that.
  • Offense not doing it. Shoots itself in foot again.
  • Another good long punt by Rocca – Lions takeover on 8.
  • D’Angelo Hall shadowing Lions WR Calvin Johnson today. Smart move by Coach Haslett.
  • Redskins play zone on 3rd and long – Lions convert
  • Redskins with a lot of missed tackles up the middle
  • Lions convert on 3rd and goal – go 10 plays for 92 yds

14-7 Lions

  • Redskins QB RGIII with a nice throw to Redskins WR Leonard Hamkerson on 1st down.
  • Offensive line not blocking well.
  • Redskins convert on 3rd down – this is good to see. Went 0-9 on third down in 1st half of games 1 & 2.
  • Redskins RB Alfred Morris with some nice running on this drive. Offense needs more Morris with RB Roy Helu mixed in.
  • RGIII with nice throw off of read option
  • RGIII extend splay w feet – good to see
  • RGIII planting more and throwing – this is good to see. Ball has more zip. Maybe his college Coach was right?
  • Alfred Morris with  good run on cutback – penalty. Argh!
  • Good throw to Redskins TE Jordan Reed for 1st down.
  • RGIII rolls right on next play – intercepted by the Detroit Lions. He should have thrown it away. Argh! Left a possible 7 points on the field there.
  • Redskins LB Ryan Kerrigan with good open field tackle on a Lions screen play on 3rd and 1.
  • RGIII w nice throw to 11 – called back
  • 91 for Detroit Lions carted off in stretcher
  • Redskins convert another 3rd down
  • RGIII bad throw to Garcon who was open – threw to wrong shoulder
  • RGIII nice throw to Redskins WR Santana Moss on sideline for long gain
  • Alfred Morris long run around right side for TD


  • Detroit Lions beat our defense with another in route to Calvin Johnson for 1st down. This is a good way to beat our zone and good game planning by the Lions.
  • Redskins LB Brian Orakpo makes a good open field tackle. Redskins tackling better as a unit.
  • Lions kill our zone with long pass to Burleson.
  • Redskins good pressure on Lions QB Stafford down near goal line.
  • Defense makes another good stop in our end to force field goal.

17-14 Detroit Lions at the half.


3 thoughts on “Redskins vs. Detroit Lions Game 3 – 1st Half Thoughts

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