NFL Week 2 Power Rankings – This Fan’s View

This is shaping up to be quite a surprising season so far with just two games in. Numbers in parentheses are last week’s rankings.

Here are my thoughts on who the best teams in the NFL are…

  1. Seattle Seahawks – (3) You thoroughly dominate a good team like San Fran, you deserve it.
  2. Denver Broncos – (2) Peyton Manning made mincemeat out of his brothers team in his brother’s teams house.
  3. Houston Texans – (4) They survived a tougher than they look Titans squad at home.
  4. San Francisco 49ers – (2) Seattle showed EXACTLY how to defend the read option. Will other teams notice? What adjustments will the 49ers make?
  5. New Orleans Saints – (5) Saints went on the road and beat a tougher than they look Buccaneers team (imagine if the Bucs had a QB?). Because of the Bucs deficiency’s on offense, they stay right here.
  6. Atlanta Falcons – (6) After a heart-breaking loss to the Saints in game 1, the Falcons nearly lose another heart-breaker at home.
  7. Chicago Bears – (8) This is looking like a pretty awesome team. The ownership right now is looking pretty ingenious for firing Lovie Smith after a 10-6 season. Haven’t seen the fight da Bears are showing in quite some time.
  8. Green Bay Packers – (9) While I know the Redskins look pretty bad right now, this was a heck of a coaching job by Coach McCarthy in a rout of my beloved Redskins.
  9. New England Patriots – (7) As the better team, if you can only beat the Jets by three at home, they deserve to be knocked down a couple of notches.
  10. Baltimore Ravens – (10) After getting trounced by the Broncos in game 1, they had problems with the Browns. I thought they would have blown out the Browns.
  11. Cincinnati Bengals – (12) The Bengals won a game against the injury-ridden Steelers. Had the Steelers been at full strength, I might have moved them up a little higher.
  12. Dallas Cowboys – (11) They lost to a better than they look K.C. team. If they can keep Romo healthy…
  13. Tennessee Titans – (15) This team is better than they look. Is it coaching?
  14. Kansas City Chiefs – (19) Andy Reid is looking more and more like a genius for 1) taking the job and 2) signing Alex Smith. Now, if they can only get Jamaal Charles going.
  15. Miami Dolphins – (20) Their defense looked impressive against the Browns and even better against the Colts. This is a team to watch. Can they beat the Patriots in their division?
  16. Indianapolis Colts – (13) Colts protected Luck better but, they faced a pretty good looking Dolphins squad this week.
  17. St. Louis Rams – (16) Rams gave the Falcons all they could handle in their house.
  18. Philadelphia Eagles – (14) I have to admit they were impressive against the Redskins and the offense was impressive against the Chargers. Will their defense hold up to the tempo is the question.
  19. Buffalo Bills – (24) Doug Marrone sure can coach can’t he? This team will fight you for 60 minutes.
  20. Arizona Cardinals – (23) If Bruce Arians and co. can solve the defensive problems, these guys will be tough. Great comeback shows good coaching.
  21. New York Giants – (17) They just let Peyton Manning and the Broncos run up and down the field. Tom Coughlin’s face has to be pretty red this week from screaming. These guys are better than this.
  22. San Diego Chargers – (29) Kudos to Mike McCoy & co for giving Philly all it could handle and pulling out the win. A complete reversal from week 1.
  23. Detroit Lions – (18) The D is giving up too many points. They come to D.C. this week.
  24. Pittsburgh Steelers – (21) I never thought I would EVER rate a Steelers team this low. Thankfully, there are 16 games in the season. Plenty of time to turn it around.
  25. Minnesota Vikings – (25) Christian Ponder is reminding me more and more of Rex Grossman. You either get the really good version or the really bad one. AP can’t do it on his own.
  26. New York Jets – (27) The Jets have a LOT of character. They took the Patriots down to the wire with worse talent.
  27. Oakland Raiders – (28) Terrelle Pryor might not be a bad QB after all.
  28. Carolina Panthers – (26) They lost a game they should have won. Something that happens FAR too often during Ron Rivera’s tenure.
  29. Washington Redskins – (22) Mike Shanahan needs to take the wraps off the offense. Let RGIII play!
  30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – (31) Another week, another game they should have won.
  31. Cleveland Browns – (30) This is definitely a rebuilding team.
  32. Jacksonville Jaguars – (32) I said it last week, I’ll say it again, The Jaguars are young and Tim Tebow would be an excellent fit. Chiefly because the kid is a fighter and can help show these young guys how to win. After all, it can’t get any worse now can it??

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