Redskins vs. Packers Game 2 – 2nd Half Thoughts


The Redskins defense was in the game early thanks to the D putting pressure on Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers early. The Packers made adjustments to that pressure, the Redskins did not. On offense, we had one good play followed by 3-4 bad ones. IMHO, this is part execution, part play calling. 0-9 on third down in the first half through the first two games simply is not good.

Here are my thoughts on the second half which begins with the Redskins down 24-0…

  • TE Fred Davis with nice catch – need to use TE more in the offense.
  • Redskins can’t convert 3rd and 2 – RGIII looked at Moss all the way. Why NOT run Morris in this instance?
  • On ensuing punt, TE Niles Paul loses cool – costs team 15 yds
  • Redskins throw more pressure at Rodgers on Packers 1st drive in 2nd half.
  • Packers punt
  • RGIII throws into dbl coverage 63 Will Montgomery (Redskins C)  with personal foul
  • Good throw and catch – Hankerson
  • Good throw off Read option to Garcon. Mot sure why they’re running this as Robert appears to not be a threat.
  • Redskins now 0-7 on 3rd down in the game. The Redskins D can’t do it by themselves!
  • Laces pointed to right by Rocca on that FG try – helped push ball to the right
  • Packers w/ BIG holes on runs – D tired??
  • Nelson wide open for TD – no coverage Rambo
  • Redskins with BEST drive of game Garcon two BIG catches on drive. Using more read option on this drive – training wheels coming off?
  • Good catch by Garcon for TD
  • Amerson w another mistake. Was Josh Wilson REALLY worse than this in presseason?
  • Starks with long run for TD

38-7 Pack

  • Morgan good catch over middle
  • A Robinson 1st catch of season
  • RGIII turns wrong way on read option
  • Good pass to J Reed for TD 38-14
  • Redskins get a TD to Moss on gift call by Referee Tony Corrente. Moss did NOT have control of the ball with both feet inbounds.

Final – 38-20 Packers.

My #1 takeaway – Coach Shanahan needs to take the training wheels off of the offense, this isn’t preseason anymore.


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