Redskins vs. Packers Game 2 – 1st Half Thoughts


The Washington Redskins got good pressure on Packers QB Aaron Rodgers early but, the Packers adjusted, the Redskins did not, and the Redskins paid for it in the first half.

The Redskins also had poor execution on offense. They would have 1-2 good plays in a row followed by bad plays. Some of it is execution, some of it play calling.

Here are my thoughts on the first half of game 2…

  • Meriweather with HUGE hit on Lacy – Lacy out . Will there be a fine?
  • Refs miss obvious pass interference call on Packers first drive
  • Kerrigan 2 BIG sacks on Rodgers on Packers 1st

3-0 GB

  • Chris Thompson back returning kicks – MUST make better decisions than he did last week.
  • Not seeing a lot different from Redskins offense than last year. Teams have had 6 months to study it.
  • Sav Rocca with ANOTHER bad punt. WTF is going on with this guy??
  • Orakpo with a sack – 3rd on Rodgers in 1st QTR.
  • Packers blitzing heavy on 3rd down – maybe a quicker pass needed there RGIII??
  • Meriweather with good pressure on Rodgers on Packers 3rd drive.
  • Cobb scores on long pass 35yd – Redskins with miscommunication in secondary

10-0 Pack

  • Redskins throw and miss on 3rd and short next drive – why?? Where is Morris in this instance? Bad play calling
  • On 4th down,  Redskins punt rather than kick FG? Leave points on the field.
  • Brandon Meriweather hurt again – this time due to concussion. This is why you can’t lead with head when tackling.
  • Rodgers with pass to Nelson for score. Packers have adjusted to Redskins pressure.

17-0 Packers

  • Next Redskins drive, one good play followed by 3 bad ones.
  • Redskins are following game plan but, where’s the adjustments?
  • Redskins getting burned by block in the back calls – lack of effort.
  • Good run to left by Morris
  • Good play action by RGIII to Garcon
  • Morris misses block – RGIII sacked
  • RGIII 3rd down throw should have gone to Reed instead of Garcon – pressure factor??
  • Morgan bats 4th and 5 pass – Packers intercept – Had Garcon open on a curl .
  • Packers move down the field J Jones TO – D Hall get forced fumble??

24-0 Pack


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