Redskins – Eagles Game 1 – 1st Half Thoughts

FedEx field game clock pre-gameDidn’t the redskins advertise that kickoff was moved up to 6:55? Check out the game clock at 6:55 showing there was 15 minutes plus until the original kickoff time of 7:10p.m.

As a fan, my greatest fear was realized for this first game of the 2013 season after holding out Robert Griffin III for the entire preseason. That was that practice speed is no match for game speed. I said time and again during the preseason that Robert needed to get in for some snaps to get used to the game speed.

That said, here are my first half thoughts…

  • Crowd SO loud at beginning of the game that you can’t hear coin toss. Either that or the audio system in FedEx Field needs an overhaul.
  • Crowd really loud on Eagles 1st possession
  • Eagles make 4th and 1
  • Next play, Eagles QB Michael Vick backward/lateral pass tipped by Ryan Kerrigan that leads to D Hall score. Nice heads up play by D Hall to not give up on the play.
  • Eagles getting good yardage on runs and even though they’re in a hurry up mode, they are using a lot of time and getting a lot of big plays.
  • Riley Cooper wide open early but Vick not looking his way (payback?)
  • Eagles Coach Chip Kelly loses first challenge in NFL
  • Chris Thompson back returning kicks
  • Alfred Morris fumbles on RGIII first play right here in front of us.Too much green here at FedEx (Eagles fans).  Place sounded like an Eagle home game after 1st TD off turnover.
  • Rust showing? RGIII throws into triple coverage on 3rd and 9 results in interception. 2 turnovers now for Redskins. Second TO leads to Eagles FG. 10-7 Eagles now.
  • Redskins LB Perry Riley w big sack on 2nd and 18 leads to Eagles punt.
  • Redskins look really out of sync on offense as Alfred Morris can’t handle toss in endzone which leads 2 safety. 12-7 Eagles now.
  • Redskins CB David Amerson makes nice play on long pass to Cooper on 3rd down.
  • Eagles tackling well on defense, Redskins not so much.
  • Morris two nice runs at end of quarter going north/south. Too much east-west running by Redskins. The Eagles are light on D but real quick.
  • RGIII throwing a lot of short balls and not moving in the pocket well and not setting his feet when throwing.
  • RGIII Misses Helu on 3rd down leads to Skins punt.
  • Redskins doing better job stopping run although not great.
  • Chris Baker goes down cramps??
  • Kerrigan with BIG sack on 3rd down leads to Eagles punt.
  • 1st roll out by RGIII  leads to a completion to Morgan for 1st down.
  • RGIII tosses long pass to Garcon – Garcon hurt?
  • 3rd and 10 pass to wrong shoulder of Garcon – Garçon was open by a few steps.
  • Eagles RB McCoy with some nice moves running the ball this half – is he at 100 yards yet?
  • Bad call by ref on D Hall tackling D Jackson as they went out of bounds. D Hall had Jackson by the jersey before they went out of bounds.
  • Eagles are KILLING the Redskins zone this half.
  • Long pass to Celek for score by Eagles.
  • Defense is gonna be winded in 2nd half…
  • Thompson w STUPID run back to the 9
  • RGIII gets 1st BIG hit from Eagles LB D’Marco Ryan on 2nd down
  • RGIII scrambles – looks slower with brace
  • Sav Roca with 2 bad punts brings the boo birds
  • Eagles hustling more to the ball on D than the Redskins are.
  • Eagles score again late in the half.Eagles up 26-7 at the half. Too many Redskins turnovers and lack of execution on offense.

2 thoughts on “Redskins – Eagles Game 1 – 1st Half Thoughts

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