NFL Week 1 Power Rankings – This Fan’s View

I HATE preseason power rankings because you never know what happens until the whistle blows and it’s the start of the regular season. For example, the Redskins looked awesome in the preseason but, they let the fans down in game one.

Here are my thoughts on who the best teams in the NFL are…

  1. Denver Broncos – Peyton Manning made a good Baltimore Ravens team look bad in the opening game of the season.
  2. San Francisco 49ers – I had my doubts about Kaepernick as a pocket passer. Those doubts were erased Sunday against the Packers. The kid can throw.
  3. Seattle Seahawks – Winning on the road on the other side of the country is pretty impressive to say the least.
  4. Houston Texans – To be down by 21 late in the game and comeback to win is pretty good in my book.
  5. New Orleans Saints – I watched their game against the Falcons and the Saints defense looked much improved over last year. With Coach Payton back, this will be a team to reckon with in 2013.
  6. Atlanta Falcons – They are one of the top teams in the league. Defense has to be better than they were against the Saints.
  7. New England Patriots – They are a top team but, when you let a rebuilding team like the Bills take you down to the wire, you don’t deserve to be higher ranked.
  8. Chicago Bears – They won a game they should have lost thanks to a tenacious defense. This is a sleeper team in 2013.
  9. Green Bay Packers – While the Packers offense looks great, the defense had six months to prepare for the opening game and failed to contain the 49ers.
  10. Baltimore Ravens – The Browns had better watch out in game 2. The Ravens will be pissed.
  11. Dallas Cowboys – It really irks me to rank them higher than the Redskins but, their D forced six turnovers which gets them this high.
  12. Cincinnati Bengals – If you turn the ball over more than your opponent, you’re likely gonna lose.
  13. Indianapolis Colts – If the Colts didn’t have Andrew Luck, they’d be near the bottom of the rankings. They need to better protect Luck.
  14. Philadelphia Eagles – I have to admit they were impressive against the Redskins. However, they didn’t do much in the 2nd half. How does that translate in the rest of the season?
  15. Tennessee Titans – Their defense looks MUCH improved thanks to Gregg Williams. They looked good against the Steelers on D.
  16. St. Louis Rams – Their pass offense looked better but, they need to get the run game going post-Steven Jackson.
  17. New York Giants – While they committed six turnovers against the Cowboys, they fought for 60 minutes. This team’s got a lot of character. They won’t be down for long (even though they face the Broncos this week).
  18. Detroit Lions – They rebounded after being down. If Reggie Bush can stay healthy he adds an explosive dimension to the offense. The D is giving up too many points.
  19. Kansas City Chiefs – The main takeaway from the Chiefs/Jaguars game was that Andy Reid can still coach ’em up. Let’s see how they do against better teams though.
  20. Miami Dolphins – Their defense looked impressive against the Browns who I thought would be better.
  21. Pittsburgh Steelers – I never thought I would EVER rate a Steelers team this low. Losing to the Titans will do that. How will the loss of Pouncey affect the offense?
  22. Washington Redskins – They didn’t look like a playoff team on either side of the ball in week one and should be ranked as such.
  23. Arizona Cardinals – If Bruce Arians and co. can solve the defensive problems, these guys will be tough. Another sleeper team to watch.
  24. Buffalo Bills – Even though they lost, the main takeaway is that Doug Marrone can coach and motivate. The Patriots needed 60 minutes to beat them.
  25. Minnesota Vikings – Christian Ponder is reminding me more and more of Rex Grossman. You either get the really good version or the really bad one. AP can’t do it on his own.
  26. Carolina Panthers – They need to go back to the drawing board on the re-vamped offense to help out Cam Newton. The defense looked okay against the Seahawks. If they can get the offense figured out…
  27. New York Jets – If Mark Sanchez had started the game, the Jets lose this one. Geno Smith did some good things. What an ending to the game!!
  28. Oakland Raiders – They fought the Colts hard. Terelle Pryor looks like he might have a decent year.
  29. San Diego Chargers – You lose a late 28-7 lead says a lot about coaching. I like Mike McCoy a lot but, he and the staff have to be better.
  30. Cleveland Browns – They could have won the game against the Dolphins but, you can’t turn the ball over. I expected them to do better this year. Schedule doesn’t get easier as they have the Ravens in game 2.
  31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Any time your offense drives down in the final seconds and gives your D the lead, you gotta have the offense’s back. Didn’t happen in game 1. You gotta play 60 minutes.
  32. Jacksonville Jaguars – The Jaguars are young and Tim Tebow would be an excellent fit. Chiefly because the kid is a fighter and can help show these young guys how to win. After all, it can’t get any worse now can it??

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