Eagles vs. Redskins Game 1 – 2nd Half Thoughts

Redskins vs Eagles 2nd halfAt the half, where is the Redskins marching band? The Redskins rolled out the half-time show with Rick ‘Doc’ Walker giving his thoughts on the first half. The problem with this is the audio system is really bad at FedEx and it was hard to hear him. Half time at the game could be a lot better. The Redskins football team couldn’t do any worse than they did in the first half against the Eagles.

Here are my thoughts on 2nd half…

  • Noticed the start of the half brace was hidden but, did RGIII completely remove the brace?? His left knee looked a lot less bulky in 2nd half.
  • On Redskins 1st possession of half, RGIII throws behind wide open Morgan. Here we go again.
  • RGIII throws interception on out pattern. Good play by Eagles CB but, ball missing same zip it had last year.
  • Long run by McCoy up the middle results in a TD. Eagles now up 33-7.
  • On next possession, RGIII scrambles left for 1st down – runs out of bounds. Good to see.
  • RGIII makes great play after scrambling on a pass on the sideline to J Reed.
  • Good run by Helu on 3rd and short – need more Helu.
  • RGIII scrambling more on Redskins 2nd possession
  • RGIII sacked by Ryans hard
  • 3rd down pass to Moss thrown behind receiver
  • Forbath misses FG.
  • Eagles punt
  • Moss returns
  • Redskins in hurry up in red zone
  • Garcon nice catch and run to 5
  • Alfred Morris scores first offensive TD of 2013. 33-14 Eagles now
  • Redskins get TO on Eagles next possession
  • RGIII pass to Hankerson for TD – 2pt fails 33-20
  • Crowd getting really loud again like in first quarter. Kudos to Redskins Nation for staying around this long.
  • Jordan Reed getting a lot of passes from RGIII tonight. Kid is looking good.
  • RGIII with nice pass on a 24 yard TD to Leonard Hankerson. Too little too late. 33-27 Eagles.
  • Redskins try an onsides kick.
  • Game.

33-27 Eagles.


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