Sean Taylor Named Top 25 Player in Madden NFL History

ICYMI, EA Sports is coming out with a 25th anniversary edition of its famous Madden NFL game later this month.


WASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Former Redskins’ safety Sean Taylor will be featured in the upcoming Madden NFL 25 video game as one of the Top 25 players in Madden history.

Taylor, who was tragically gunned down in his home in Nov. 2007, made the list that celebrates 25 years of the Madden franchise by selecting the “greatest football video game athletes at the height of their virtual careers,” according to the press release.

The All-25 Team will also feature Marshall Faulk, Brian Dawkins, Mike Alstott, and an entire starting roster of all-time greats, the names of which will be rolled out over the the next several weeks.

“Sean Taylor was a safety with the catch rating of a mid-level WR. Great power, speed, and awareness made him a true threat for the deep ball, as well as laying the lumber on the ball carrier,” said on EA developer who helped assemble the list.

Read more at this link.

(H/T Dylan)


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