Redskins – Steelers: First Half Thoughts

Washington Redskins being introduced
‘Captain’ Kirk Cousins got hurt and the good Rex Grossman showed up in relief. Our D played well too. Like how the Redskins moved Ryan Kerrigan around in different situations on D. Hope they’re not showing too much of this for future opponents.

First Quarter Notes

  • Field looks in excellent shape.
  • Lots of Steelers fans here for a preseason game.  Steelers travel really well even for a preseason game.
  • Good kickoff by Kai Forbath. His kicks last year didn’t reach too far in the end zone. This one was deep.
  • Sorry big guy but, Trent Williams looks out of place with white pants, white socks, and white shoes
  • Ryan Kerrigan makes an awesome interception on 2nd and long and turns it into first score. Now, if the brother could only dunk the football better.
  • Redskins LB Daryl Tapp (VaTech alumnus) with nice play on 3rd and long on draw play.
  • Offensive line not blocking well – RT Tyler Polumbus getting owned by 56 Lamar Woodley.
  • Steelers running a lot to the left – do they know something about the Skins or is the right side of their line not that great?
  • Steelers own the Time of Possession in first quarter as Redskins get one 1st down and only 9 rushing yds.

Still, it’s 7-0 Skins. Saw a Redskins history commercial in the first quarter from a few years ago. One thing that was very noticeable was that many of the guys in the in-game commercial are still here. Shows the continuity of the franchise.

Second Quarter Notes

  • 2 Steelers penalties on drive lead to Steelers FG. Steelers not looking great on offense.
  • Cousins scrambles out of bounds. Low hit – goes out of the game. Here comes ‘Sexy Rexy’!
  • On second and 17, WR Leonard Hankerson dropped Grossman pass. Gotta catch that ball in the NFL.
  • NT Barry Colfield with excellent play and fumble recovery on next Steelers series.
  • Redskins gave ball right back on next play. A lot of sloppiness going on right now. Would this occur if players were hitting more in camp??
  • Steelers RB gets a long run up the middle of the D. Not too many of these tonight. This is good news.
  • Defense gets another fumble recovery. With the D playing like this, I just might be tempted to draft them in fantasy draft.
  • Grossman with nice pass to WR Aldrick Robinson in end zone called back. Robinson went out of bounds. Got to know where you are in a confined space like that.
  • On next play, Grossman makes a good throw to Leonard Hankerson for TD. Nice one handed grab by Hankerson there.
  • Redskins CB E.J. Biggers  made nice play on a pass for a near interception and gets called for a penalty – IMHO refs made  bad call there calling it pass interference.
  • Redskins S DeJon Gomes makes nice hit on receiver trying to catch ball over the middle. Gets called for personal foul. I can understand if ball was uncatchable. IMHO, bad call by the refs.
  • Another FG by Suisham for Steelers.
  • Grossman led Redskins down field with 2 minute offense and made some nice throws to get Skins in position for FG.

17-6 Redskins at the half.


2 thoughts on “Redskins – Steelers: First Half Thoughts

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