Redskins vs. Steelers – What I am Looking For Tonight

Football returns tonight as the Washington Redskins take on the Pittsburgh Steelers at FedEx Field. The Steelers are banged up coming into tonight’s game and the last time the Redskins hosted the Steelers in the preseason, the Redskins won 16-7. But, this means nothing. Zero. Nada. Neither does the W/L columns in preseason.

Here’s what matters tonight.

When the Steelers have the ball:

  • How does the Redskins first team defense and backups do stopping the run? Last week against Tennessee, Titans RB Shaun Greene scored from 19 yards out and Titans RB Chris Johnson scampered for a 58 yard TD.
  • How does the Redskins first team secondary perform against the Steelers sterling wideouts Antonio Brown and Emmanuel Sanders?
  • How does the Redskins depth on D perform? The defensive depth is going to be needed and tested the first four games of the year given that Jarvis Jankins and Rob Jackson will be sitting out the first four games due to PED suspensions.
  • SB Nation has the five to watch for tonight’s game and the top three (3) are all Steelers.

When the Redskins have the ball:

  • ‘Captain’ Kirk Cousins had a fine showing last week against the Titans (6-7 for 52 yards and a score) but, the Titans are not the Steelers. How does ‘Captain’ Kirk move the offense??
  • How do the Redskins look running the football against the Steelers? Not sure if Alfred ‘Bam’ Morris will play tonight but, the Steelers defense is normally stout against the run.
  • Pat White. Would like to see QB Pat White come in after ‘Captain’ Kirk instead of in mop-up duty like he did last week. He made some good plays last week but, how does he perform against likely backups instead of guys who probably won’t make the roster of the team they’re playing against? I mention this because I would like to see the Redskins once and for all get rid of QB Rex Grossman.

3 thoughts on “Redskins vs. Steelers – What I am Looking For Tonight

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