Redskins #ThrowbackThursday – Charley Taylor

Washington Redskins WR Charley Taylor came to D.C. out of Arizona State in 1964, and along with Bobby Mitchell and Sonny Jurgenson, helped turn the Redskins fortunes around. The Redskins from 1960 – 1963 won a total of 10 games. In ’64, Charley Taylor’s rookie season, his 755 rushing yards, five rushing touchdowns, 814 receiving yards and an additional five receiving TDs helped the Redskins improve to 6-8.

Charley Taylor’s career really took off when HOF QB Otto Graham took over the reins of the team starting in 1966. Taylor would lead the Redskins in receiving for eight (8) of the next nine (9) years.

The first playoff game I saw as a kid was the Conference Championship matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and the Redskins on New Years Eve 1972. I still have a vivid memory of Charley Taylor scoring one of his two TDs that day right in front of us at ol’ RFK Stadium.

The Redskins went on to lose to the undefeated Miami Dolphins during the 1972 season. I can’t help but think if the Dolphins had to play the same schedule the Redskins had to play that year, would they have been undefeated?

IMHO, Charley Taylor was one of the greatest Redskins ever.


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