Redskins – Titans Final Musings

Redskins Titans 4th quarter
The read option (a.k.a. ‘The Pistol’) made an appearance in the fourth quarter. Pat White, the second year QB out of West Virginia, looks like a great sign by Coack Mike Shanahan. The fourth quarter was all Pat White. He was decisive on his throws and decisive on the read option. Pat White made good decisions with the ball which led to the Redskins scoring with just over 2 minutes to play. Pat White then made a terrific throw on the 2 point conversion to give the Redskins the lead and the win.

Overall, this was a good showing by all members of the Redskins. There is a bit of work to do but, there were a lot of positives to reflect on. Next week brings the Steelers and a much tougher test.

22-21 Redskins.


2 thoughts on “Redskins – Titans Final Musings

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