Redskins – Titans 2nd Quarter Thoughts


After giving up a long kickoff return and a couple of long punt returns, it sure looks like T.C. Williams grad and Washington Redskins Special Teams Coach Keith Burns has a bit of work to do. At least the regular season is still one month away (see milestone countdown at right ->).

On offense, ‘Sexy Rexy’ Rex Grossman started 1 for 5 but finished strong with a 6 for 8 performance including a nice 12 play drive to end the half. Roy Helu looked strong running the ball with the help of some good blocking up front from the Redskins offensive line.

The defense started to stiffen in the 2nd quarter. They still looked a little porous in the beginning of the quarter when the Titans still had their first string in on offense. David Amerson made a couple of nice plays that stood out as did Chase Minnifield and Kedric Golston along the front seven.

14-14 at the half.


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