Are You Ready for Some Football? Redskins – Titans Keys to the Game

The Washington Redskins kickoff the 2013 tonight at LP Field in Tennessee. As the Redskins Blog points out, the team is MUST watch TV in preseason 2013.

In this fan’s opinion, what I am looking for in tonight’s first preseason game of 2013:

When the Redskins have the ball

  1. Kirk Cousins – How does he operate as the main man? Can ‘Captain’ Kirk move the chains efficiently as the number 1 guy?
  2. Running the ball – Who will be the fill-in guy for Alfred Morris? Last year, when it came to third down, Evan Royster would come in and you could almost win a bet every time that he would get the ball on third down. Roy Helu and the other backs need to step up. We need this Roy Helu this year.
  3. The ability to win first down – Second and five or less is a lot better than second and long.
  4. Stay healthy – In order for the Redskins to win the division again, they going to have to remain healthy.

When the Titans have the ball

  1. Secondary – How does the revamped secondary look? How will the ‘secondary of the future‘ look together?
  2. Mix it up – I know defenses are pretty vanilla in the preseason but, if the Titans start killing us in the Pistol, will Coach Jim Haslett mix it up a bit (e.g. zone, man to man, tampa 2, etc).
  3. Pressure – How does Brian Orakpo look? Will Coach Haslett switch ‘Kerrakpo’ around from time to time?
  4. Stopping the run – We’re facing Chris Johnson tonight. How does the team do when stopping the run? Can they force Tennesee into 3rd and longs?

My prediction for tonight? Redskins 20 Tennesee 17. What do you think??


3 thoughts on “Are You Ready for Some Football? Redskins – Titans Keys to the Game

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