Not Every Redskin Fan is Happy About the Richmond Training Camp (Video)

This woman sobs and says ‘stay away!’ after waiting hours for an autograph.

As a WTVR viewer points out, getting an autograph at training camp is like looking for real estate – location, location, location.

CBS 6 viewer Mike Dickinson had some sound advice to offer regarding player autographs. He said he has been collecting autographs since he was age 10. In a camp setting like the Redskins, he said that kids will come first.

“As a collector you know that going in,” he tweeted at CBS 6. “You are guaranteed nothing. It’s like fishing some days catch everything some days nothing.”

And like everything, he emphasized location, location, location.

“For prime autograph territory you got to be by the walkway, where the players come in and out. That’s where you got good odds. You can’t see well there but you have good odds,” Dickinson explained.

Other advice that he offered includes not carrying a lot of stuff, to allow for more flexibility. He said bring a sharpie of your own, most players don’t carry them, and have an item that you can give to them quickly.

A key piece of advice though, humble Redskins fans, is to know their names. Who blocks for RGIII?

“You have a better chance of getting 20 non superstar autographs then you do RGIII,” explained Dickinson.


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